Thursday, 19 May 2011

BeGolden's very own TV superstar

It's not often the TV cameras are banging at the headquarters of BeGolden (clamouring for an interview, news about the latest collection, trying to get a scoop on BeGolden's exclusive products) ,however, they were last week!

The one and only Jonty Hearnden came to visit Bobby to see if he could tempt her to buy a vase for his new series of ' Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is' to be aired in the Autumn.

The twist in the tale is, the objet d'art he was attempting to lure Bobby with was a beautiful hand blown french glass vase with a pewter ( yes pewter) lily flower design on the front.
Did he not know how he would be compromising her principles?? Did he not realise that he was asking one of the BeGolden Girls to buy something other than gold?

And the question on everyone's lips is...'Did she buy it?'

Will Bobby succumb, just this once to the charm of a silver coloured metal? Will she stand true to her ground and refuse, on camera to allow silver into her home? You will have to wait and see!!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Why I love China

I've just come back from a trip to China and was delighted to see this billboard...Our company mission, up there, for the whole of China to see. Spread the word.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

More About Us

We recently did a PR interview for our business. Here's what we said.....

What first inspired you to start your own business?
We all shared a passion to return gold to its former glory. Quite the fuddy duddy sister to the minimalist and contemporary Silver, we felt that Gold needed an outlet in which it could shine once more! Believing that Gold could once again be seen as opulent, luxurious, decadent and desirable we took a punt and set up a business that would specialise in providing an interiors and gift collection, solely in gold.

How did you get started?
Between the three of us who run BeGolden we have nine children so we always knew that whatever type of business we ran it would have to play to our strengths and restraints. We decided that the flexibility offered by an online business would be perfect. It would allow us to be creative, brave and far-reaching without the overheads and physical restraints of a shop. We all invested equal amounts in starting up the business ( buying software, stock etc) and have clear roles and responsibilities that we do our best to stick to!

Do you remember your first ever order?
Our first ever order came from a great friend and supporter of ours and we were so excited we squealed with excitement. Nowadays, it’s the really busy days that get us excited, plus seeing customers return for a repeat purchase.  

What inspires you to keep growing and developing your business?
There is so much more in the world that could come in gold!! We do feel that the tide is turning and that gold is becoming increasingly popular both with consumers, and therefore designers. People who had never entertained the thought of gold are now experimenting with it, designers who would have shunned the idea of gold in their collection are now embracing it, seeing the benefit of its warmth and luxuriousness. Gold is becoming more and more popular and we really want to be there, championing its cause! Ideally we would like to be the gold version of The White Company - a first port of call for anyone looking for a product in gold.

What allows you to keep growing and developing your business?
So many factors contribute to the growth of our business. We have had a very successful first 18 months which has allowed us to plough money back into BeGolden, enabling us to increase our range, afford more big ticket items, negotiate better terms with our suppliers etc. We are also learning from our mistakes on a daily basis ( I once paid £57,000 into a supplier’s bank account instead of £570 confusing the full stop for a comma!) The market itself has also helped BeGolden to grow as each season more and more products appear in gold allowing us more choice and more opportunities for PR. We also have very supportive families who will happily tolerate times of chaos whilst we struggle through busy periods.

What advice would you give someone hoping to start and/or grow their own business?
Keeping all overheads down to a minimum takes off a lot of financial pressure - donʼt pay for storage if there is somewhere free you can keep stock, donʼt hire an office if you can convert the dining table into a boardroom, donʼt pay for stationery etc if you can be inventive with your computer, donʼt pay for PR if you can do it yourself, donʼt outsource to an agency (design, marketing, accounting) if you can get a friend to point you in the right direction. Obviously you will need all these tools as you grow bigger but it is amazing what you can wing when you start up!
The other thing, if possible, is set up your business with another like minded person or two.
It dilutes the pressure and strain, it allows you to talk issues through rather than struggle along on your own, it means there is someone to celebrate and commiserate with...Also, it allows you to do what you are good at, rather than forcing you to turn your hand at every task. Finance is my nemesis and if I had to be in charge of accounts then our business would have gone under months ago!

What is your favourite / best selling product?
We each have a different favourite. For Bobby its the called ʻEstetico Quotidianoʼ range by an Italian design company, Seletti and it embodies everything we are about. It encompasses everyday, contemporary, useful products eg. storage jars, cups, ramekins - however they are lavishly painted in gold!! It is the glamorous twist on the ordinary that we love. For Kate it is the gold leather bags, iphone cases, purses from Bambino di Cioccolato. All are produced from gorgeous soft gold leather and we are constantly updating the collection with new accessory colours/appliqués. For Lorraine, it is the up and coming Lucas Jack jewellery range which each season never fails to thrill with new colours and designs.

Describe your product range and what makes it unique?
Everything we sell is gold coloured. We have gold leather bags, gold china gnomes, gold china and tableware, gold picture frames, gold wallets, gold jewellery, gold stationiery, gold gifts, gold teapots, gold mugs, gold accessories...everything and anything in gold.  We are always looking for new up and coming designers who will make quirky and unusual products in gold for us. Wherever we can, we do favour products that are made in the UK, especially if they have good sustainable credentials, however with such a niche market we have to look further afield.

What are your ambitions for the future?
Ultimately weʼd like to see BeGolden as the destination for anyone looking for anything in gold. We would also like to be as busy as we were at Christmas all year round.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

We're mad about the new Lucas Jack Summer Jewellery Range!

We are beside ourselves with joy at our latest collection from contemporary jewellery designer, Lucas Jack. We've been working with Nick Bartlett, owner of Lucas Jack, for over 18 months now and we always look forward to his new jewellery collections. We haven't been disappointed with the latest Spring/Summer range. We've opted for a selection of his gorgeous bright summer colours in rings (including our best-selling 'button' ring plus new stacking rings), bangles and earrings. We've each got a favourite; Lorraine's is the pink bangle, Kate's is the orange drop earrings and Bobby's is any one of the button rings (she is building up a collection to match every outfit). What we love about Lucas Jack is that it is always eye-catching and although predominantly modern in styling, there are delicate as well as bold pieces. It's all ethically produced too using recycled gold plate. Take a look at the collection now as it's selling fast.....,i.html?q=lucas+jack